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21 Awesome Culinary Tattoos

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

Chefs bare their loyalty with awesome culinary tattoos

Chefs are some of the most trained professionals out there, spending years perfecting their craft. Chefs work nights, weekends, and holidays in hot, hectic kitchens, proving their dedication to food and the culinary world. And, the most dedicated among them choose to mark themselves with the tools of their trade, be it a radish, a stake, a chef knife, or even a mixer, equipped with the metals bowl’s reflection.

Chef’s Blade has scanned our network of chefs and the internet to find the best culinary tattoos out there, at least in our opinion. Let us know what you think; we’re pretty excited to show you these tasty tattoos.

Types of Tattoos:
1. Meat(y)
2. Kitchen Utensils
3. Fruits and Veggies (Including Angry Ones)
4. Baked Goods
5. And the Rest of the Pantry

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