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How To Peel an Egg—Quickly

How To Peel an Egg—Quickly

Dan |

On YouTube there is this video which seems to be produced by Sprint or something about how to “quick peel” an egg. As of this writing, the video has 1.8 million views, so either YouTube fakes its views, or a whole lot of people have checked this out and at least some of them believe it.

Personally, when I watched this I didn’t think it would work, at all. Over the past few weeks this video has been checked out here on and a few people have posted their own videos of them trying this method out.

You should all watch the video responses ‘cause I think they are interesting and funny, but the short story is: This is B.S. unless these Sprint people aren’t telling us the secret.

Firstly, you ought to take a look at the original YouTube video, here


A screenshot from the Sprint video

Next, watch contributor MCT’s version:

Finally, contributor ElAyEs takes a shot at it: