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One Day's Eating: A 24-Hour Project

Mitch & Simon |

16. Baby Carrots – How do they even make these?

17. A Walnut – Encrusted in cinnamon and sugar. Too bad.

18. Sunflower Seeds – Reduced Sodium.

19. Iced Tea – With lemon.

20. Cotton Candy – Some people say I don’t know how to eat this.

21. Rialto Lager – Stole this from David.

22. Chardonnay – It was a nice mug.

23. Carne Asada – Still good, after an afternoon. Eso tiempo sin crema.

24. Milwaukee’s Best – They get off on being withholding.

25. Cheese ’n Crackers – Clutch party snacks.

26. Limon Lays – Seriously, pretty dumb.

27. Veggie Burger – Sharing & Caring.


Anyway, this idea is not exactly new. Tucker Shaw’s Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth is a serious and commendable thing, but its scope is huge. Same with the more macro look Feltron takes with his Annual Reports. One day is just way easier – to swallow.

Something I really enjoyed about this project was that it gave me an opportunity to consider just how often I accidentally eat cool food. It seems like there are always some delicious random cupcakes lying around, or someone is grilling something, or there’s a cooler stocked with beers and snacks. I feel super fortunate to be in this spot, where I’m afforded the luxury of choice, and am surrounded by friends and family who really understand the value of food. Eating is such a crucial interaction between people, and it provides us with a framework for sharing our lives with each other.

Another fresh thing about keeping this list, is that it’s really easy to totally forget that you ate some utter nonsense the other day. I’m not the kind of guy that sweats the healthiness of everything I put into my body, so this isn’t about calorie counting or whatever. It’s more about being able to recall, from now on, that I had cotton candy at a ballgame after taking maybe a decade off from the stuff (still kind of gross).

I’m curious to see what other folks come up with, so do consider keeping an eye on your mouth for a day.

Check out the video of my half of the project:

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