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Innovative New Video Game Teaches Kids Healthy Eating

Innovative New Video Game Teaches Kids Healthy Eating

Canada Newswire

Titanium Chef’s blend of education and entertainment scores big with kids and teachers

Registered Dietitians with the British Columbia Dairy Foundation (BCDF) today announced the new video game Titanium Chef is ready to play. Titanium Chef is an interactive, web-based role playing game designed to teach students in grades six to eight about Canada’s Food Guide and how to make healthy meal choices. It is available free of charge at

“The idea for Titanium Chef came from research and our own observations that show students today respond positively to interactive learning,” said Kenton Delisle, a lead nutrition educator with BCDF. “We tried to create something that will appeal from both an educational and entertainment perspective and will complement more traditional methods of nutrition education.”

Recent research has shown that more than 60 per cent of British Columbia students are not getting their daily recommended servings of vegetables and fruit or milk and alternatives. Studies also show that more than half are not eating breakfast on regular basis, greatly diminishing their chances to achieve their daily recommended intake of all four food groups.

Titanium Chef’s multi-purpose design is to teach students healthy eating habits by encouraging them to plan meals that meet Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. It teaches students how to classify foods into the four foods groups, determine appropriate serving sizes, and assess their own intake to identify areas for improvement.

While its outcomes are similar to previous education games, it is its execution that separates Titanium Chef from its predecessors. Set in the year 3015 on many different planets, the player becomes a “ChefBot” and sets out on a journey to become the galaxy’s greatest chef, the ‘Titanium Chef’. Providing near 10 hours of unique story, the game creates an immersive, non-linear, 3D experience comparable to industry leading role playing games (RPGs).