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One Day's Eating: A 24-Hour Project

Mitch & Simon |

I’m Mitch, and here’s the project: Keep track of every food you eat and drink you drink in one day, because knowing is actually awesome and entertaining.

I did this a week or so ago. I spent the day tailgating at the Oakland Coliseum with my good friends, and partied with them again later that evening on the Rock Block. It was a solid Saturday, and it’s one I’d gladly have again. (Check out my video, as well as my friend Simon’s take on his experience.)

Here’s a rundown of everything involved that day:

One Day’s Eating – Mitch – 9/13/08

1. Water – A bit hungover from the night before. Crucial.

2. Victory Garden Tomato – Started growing it to make good on our liberty.

3. Free Cheese – Creamy Beemster Gras at the grocery store.

4. Crazy Sugar Pastry – About all you can say.

5. Coffee – Black.

6. Mini-Brownie

7. Rainier Ale – 7.3%. Snap.

8. Dry Roasted Edamame – Needed more salt.

9. Carne Asada – At Cory’s birthday, where he did the grilling. A real kind of guy.

10. Hot Dog – Corn and pepper and mustard and too much bun bread.

11. Tecate – Shotgunning is a thing.

12. Miller Lite – Easy sippin’.

13. Red Bull – The security guard made us chug these.

14. Grapes – The second variety of grapes I’d had that day.

15. Fritos – Total classics.