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5th Annual National Bacon Day

5th Annual National Bacon Day

Jeff Houck | Tampa Tribune, Fla.

Saturday marks the fifth annual observance of International Bacon Day, a holiday started by friends Seth Rittenhouse, Alexa Halford and Evan Salim in Boulder, Colo.

As the group puts it on its Web site, “Bacon Day is a day of Bacon. Think ‘Iron Chef’ but all-day and the secret ingredient is bacon.”

A former food editor for Town and Country magazine, Villas was more than happy this week to talk about his favorite food.

How often do you eat bacon?

Every day of my life. I can’t imagine a day without bacon.

I’ve only got two slices in the refrigerator, so I need to buy some more.

Why do you think there’s been such a huge bacon craze in recent years?

Artisanal bacon. It’s the best. That’s the reason we have this bacon explosion going on. There are so many boutique bacons happening all over the country.

It’s getting bigger and bigger because these chefs have tuned into the great bacons that are being produced. You don’t find top-notch chefs using Swift or Oscar Meyer. People like Niman Ranch are making glorious bacons.

Is there a favorite way you like to eat it?

I like to dip it in brown sugar and make Bacon Candy. It’s the purest way in the world to eat beautiful bacon. It’s addictive.

When were you bitten by the bacon bug?

I’ve always had it. I am a boy from the south, having grown up in Charlotte, N.C., and I was brought up eating bacon and sausage. I have to have a full, hot breakfast every day. Back then, we only knew bacon that was produced by specialists. You’d go out to farms and get bacon. My dentist used to cure his own bacon. On back of my stove I can always remember a coffee can full of bacon grease. I can’t tell you all the ways I cook with that stuff. It’s followed me through life.