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Wine Titans and How They Got to the Top

Wine Titans and How They Got to the Top

Carrie Strong | Chef's Blade

Have you always dreamed about working in the wine and beverage industry, but weren’t sure how to start? Chef’s Blade has worked with our featured writer Carrie Strong, an industry veteran working as the Wine and Beverage Director at Vong, one of Jean-Georges oldest restaurants, to compile 9 wine and beverage industry careers profiles. From being a somelier to a wine instructor, you have a variety of exciting career options to choose from in the wine industry.

Consider These:

1. Michael Mondavi: Wine Coach and Wine Guru
2. Lindsay Pomeroy: Founder/Owner of a Wine Education Business
3. Robert Sinskey: A Napa Valley Organic Vintner
4. Celia Welch: A Socially Responsible Winemaker
5. Ryan Hill: Director of Wine Sales
6. Clay Mauritson: Winemaker and Vineyard Owner
7. Merry Edwards: Proprietor and Winemaker
8. Andrew Bell: President of the American Sommelier Association
9. Carrie Strong: Wine and Beverage Director

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