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Growing Interest in 'Green' Wine

Growing Interest in 'Green' Wine

Organic grapes in the fall

Chicago Tribune

Fair Trade Certified: Guarantees strict international economic, social and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of an agricultural product.

Fish Friendly Farming: This is the trademarked name for a vineyard certification program focusing on the restoration of fish and wildlife habitats and the improvement of water quality.

Local/locavore: “Local” has an elastic definition depending on where you live. In the Bay Area of California, where the locavore movement started, 100 miles is considered local. In the Midwest, local may be 250 miles or more.

Sustainable: These vineyards and farms may not always be organic in the legal, certifiable sense, but they generally eschew chemical fertilizers and pesticides in a quest to be environmentally friendly. Look for various regional and state groups.

Transitional: A wine made by a winery or farm planning to become certified organic or biodynamic. There’s a three-year waiting period before the winery or farm can be labeled organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Green Wine Competition Winners

Looking for a great “green” wine? Consider one of these winners from the second annual International Green Wine Competition.

Contest judges tasted more than 200 wines “blind,” meaning they didn’t know which was which. Gold, silver and bronze medals were given to the top wines in various categories: biodynamic, organic wines, organic grapes and transitional.

The competition, held earlier this summer, is sponsored by Wine Competition Management, a company in Santa Rosa, Calif., that produces a number of wine contests. Nearly 100 wineries submitted wines for judging.

“More and more winemakers are moving in that (green) direction,” said De-Anna Alba, contest director. “They see it works and doesn’t cost that much more money. In the long run, it will cost them a whole lot less.”

Here are the gold-medal winners. A complete list of winners may be found at the contest’s Web site,

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