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My Big Fat Greek Wedding Meatball Soup

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Meatball Soup

The final product! (photo by K.K.)

Katie Kwan | Chef's Blade

Even though it’s summer, I still like to turn my stove on. Here in San Francisco, we still have dewy mornings. We still have bodies of fog that hang low and settle in like hoods at night time. Even when it’s summer, I rarely smell heat in the air; rather I smell cool spring rain. I am okay with turning on my stove; it suits me.

I also love to cook with my friend Ariana. Our recipes are by feel, and by circumstance. We have a basic idea of what we want and then we throw in whatever strikes our fancy. If we’re doing beef, I like to do a red sauce, a bold counterpoint. However, on this particular day, we used a lighter mixture of meat — turkey and pork — and so I had ideas of something more understated, perhaps a bit more floral.


The meatballs

A slight Grecian flavor profile: lemon zest, currants, brandy, and a fleck of cinnamon.

Instead of a sauce, I thought a soup; using Zuni chicken stock, Israeli couscous, stinging nettles, and trumpets mushrooms would be fitting. Think of it as a twist on Italian wedding soup, only Greek (ish). Another friend tried it and told me it was restaurant quality: a well edited soup, honed from great ingredients. I am proud to offer this up to you.

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