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How to Use Your Phone to Choose Dinner

How to Use Your Phone to Choose Dinner

Sarah O'Meara | Belfast Times

When four American University students set up a recipe-sharing website in 1997 their motivation was anthropological rather than commercial. However, within 10 years their website, designed to explore how people share recipes had grown into one of the world’s biggest food websites –

According to vice president of marketing, Esmee Williams, it was people at home rather than web entrepeneurs, who made the site a success.

“We just created the technology,” she explains. “It was the community who created the content.”

With 15 million visitors every year, this easy-to-use website has proven that, when it comes to food and technology, the internet foodie world is not just limited to Blackberries.

But while using the internet to find recipes, do the weekly shop or just order a takeaway has become normal thanks to forward- thinking companies like Allrecipes, the launch of Apple’s iPhone two years ago took things one step further.

Easy-to-download applications which could be used on the move, became available, and this month launched their first iPhone ‘app’.

“We first introduced our first mobile phone application 10 years ago. But back then it was a small screen and a miserable experience,” Williams remembers.

Faster internet connections and better-designed websites changed all that and the companies’ Dinner Spinner application has already had 1.5m downloads in the US.