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A Kid's Answer to Where their Food Comes From: The Supermarket

A Kid's Answer to Where their Food Comes From: The Supermarket

Do you think bannanas grow in grocery stores? Well, out kids do.

Craid McQueen | Daily Record

ASK any child where their food comes from, and the chances are they’ll say the supermarket.

And most adults don’t know a lot more about how food ends up on their plate either.

So it’s no surprise that farmers who struggle to stay in business get angry when consumers complain about the price of the fruit and veg.

But one shopper keen to learn more is mum-of-three Carol Anne Meechan. The 30-year-old, from Uddingston, Lanarkshire, juggles a part-time job as a shop assistant with looking after kids Ainslie, 10, Nathan, six, and Martin, four.

So when Ayrshire potato farmer DrewYoung invited her to see where food is grown, she was more than happy to take him up on the offer.

She said: "We buy what we want and don’t give any consideration to where it comes from.

“Kids tend to think potatoes come from supermarkets.

“We’ve been strawberry picking before, and we’ve even tried growing our own fruit and veg.We’re keen to teach kids in different ways.”

Spending a day as a farmer was only part of the equation. Girvan farmer Drew, 48, also offered to cook a meal using his own products.

He said: "While I wouldn’t say I’m much of a chef, I don’t think cooking potatoes is that difficult.

“But today I’m making chicken stir fry with new potatoes.”

The unlikely job swap is part of an initiative organised by the British Potato Council after research found young families were turning their backs on the humble spud.