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Hospitality Opportunities for Older Workers

Hospitality Opportunities for Older Workers

Roberta Chinsky Matuson | Monster Contributing Writer

If you’re an older worker seeking an industry that values your work and life experience while offering flexible hours, perks and an abundance of opportunities, give some serious thought to working in hospitality.

“The lodging industry is bouncing back,” says Fred DeMicco, PhD, professor at the University of Delaware, Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management. “The restaurant industry will need to add over 2 million jobs over the next five years.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts hospitality will lose 10 million workers in the US by 2010. This should provide ample opportunities for older workers to secure jobs in the field. The AARP proposes that positions as tour guides and greeters are well-suited for older workers. Take a look at the following advantages of working in hospitality as an older worker to see if this might be an option for you.

Senior-Friendly Workplaces

In an atmosphere filled with senior travelers, it makes sense for employers to bring older workers onto their teams. Some companies, including Disney, McDonald’s and Marriott, are doing just that with initiatives to help mature workers find gainful employment.

For example, Experience Works, a national, nonprofit organization that provides training and employment services for older workers, recognized Marriott Guest Services as an outstanding employer for older workers in 2003. The company increased the percentage of workers 50 years and older to nearly 9 percent of its workforce. Marriott is also actively involved in its Salt Lake City headquarters’ local Senior Employment Council, which connects businesses and older workers. The company’s recruiting team conducts mock interviews for older workers and helps them with the job search process.