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Top 10 Ways to Get Fired

Top 10 Ways to Get Fired

Beverly West |

Most start their jobs with the best of intentions, never thinking they could be fired. After all, that’s a fate reserved primarily for incompetents and workers caught with their hand in the company till, right? Wrong. You might not realize just how slippery the slope out the door can be.

Workplace Mistakes to Avoid

To guard your job security, be sure to avoid the 10 common pitfalls on this checklist from Jennifer Star, a New York City-based corporate recruiter and trainer specializing in administrative-support personnel:

1. Lie on Your Job Application or Resume: Tell the truth from the start, because you will be held responsible for the information you provide, and your employer will check it. Generally, education background checks can take up to a month after hire. I recently had a candidate fired from a large financial company after being there for a month, because she lied about her educational background, says Star. This woman did not need a degree for her editorial assistant position but said that she has one anyway, and one month later when the cat was out of the bag, she was immediately let go.

2. Be Indiscreet About Your Job Hunt: If you are in the market for a new job, don’t send your resume from your office computer, which most likely is monitored by IT. Assume your instant messages (IMs) and emails are fair game as well.

3. Gossiping: You never know who is listening, and in cubeland, walls really do have ears. The safest bet? Keep gossip to yourself, and never repeat anything you hear. Winding up on the wrong side of the rumor mill can cost you more than somebody’s trust; it can mean your job.

4. Taking Too Many Personal Calls Can Make You Look Just as Bad: Spending much of your work time orchestrating your own personal business, rather than your boss’s affairs, usually results in being given an opportunity to spend all of your time on the phone on personal business — looking for a new job, Star warns.