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Career Profile: Executive Chef

Career Profile: Executive Chef

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Job Description:

Executive chefs, or head cooks, coordinate the work of the kitchen staff and directs the preparation of all meals. They determine serving sizes, plan and price menus, order food supplies, keep records and accounts, and oversee kitchen operations to ensure uniform quality and presentation of meals. Most executive chefs prepare the menu items that take the most skill, and often are in charge of more than one kitchen.

National Median Salary:


Education Requirements:

Executive chefs who work in fine-dining restaurants require a degree from a 4-year degree institution, in addition to many years of experience in different areas of the kitchen.

Job Outlook:

Excellent. The food service industry is projected to grow from a $379 billion industry in 2007 to one totaling $558.3 billion in 2008. Employment of executive chefs is expected to grow at a rate of 8% every year until at least 2016.