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How to Get a New Job

How to Get a New Job

Emily Ford | The Times

5. Be proactive. “Scan relevant newspaper sections, job sites and industry publications,” Hadley says. Approach companies directly – most advertise openings on their websites. Speculative applications are time consuming but can occasionally strike gold.

6. And passive. “A good recruitment agency can do a lot of the work for you,” Hadley says. Specialist agencies often have good links with smaller businesses. “Ask them to get your permission before sending out your CV. If the same employer receives it several times you can start to look desperate,” Winch says.

7. Apply with caution. Winch receives hundreds of applications from unsuitable candidates. “Make sure that you match the criteria. [Preparing] before you apply will pay dividends,” she says. Hadley adds: “Apply only for jobs that you have a realistic chance of getting. If applying for a very different role, you need to be quite cute to show how your experience is relevant.”

8. Ace the interview. “Come along in confident mode,” Winch says. “Anticipate questions and prepare for them.” Remember that interviews are a two-way process – asking questions shows interest. “Put the interviewer on the spot. Ask them about their policies in terms of diversity and work-life balance,” she says.

9. Get a response. “Every ‘no’ is one closer to a ‘yes’,” Hadley says. If you are rejected, phone the recruiter for feedback and take it on board.

10. Give it time. Berry estimates that it takes three to six months to find the job that you want. “Do something towards your job hunt each day,” she says.

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