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How to Get a New Job

How to Get a New Job

Emily Ford | The Times

No one said that finding a new job was easy. But if your work has become as exciting as a cheese sandwich and you have to drag yourself out of bed each morning, it’s time for a new challenge. We asked three experts how to find a new job that will stop work being a chore.

1. What do you want? “People are often nervous about change. You have to be bold and go for the job that you really want,” says Sarah Berry, a career consultant. Ask yourself what your priorities are. “Is it money, status, a better working environment or a complete change? What kind of organisation do you want to work for?”

2. Open your mind. It is hard trying to visualise a new job. “People stick with what they know because they don’t know what else is out there,” says Tom Hadley, director of external relations at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Research opportunities on the internet and think laterally. “Employers are becoming more flexible in considering transferable skills.”

3. Put the feelers out. “Tell friends and family that you are job-hunting – being asked how it’s going will keep you motivated,” Berry says. Contact people you met at conferences and utilise alumni networks. If you know someone who works for an employer that appeals, ask them to recommend you. “Many employers run a bounty referral scheme. We reward employees who bring in new talent,” says Nicky Winch, the head of recruitment at Capgemini, a consultancy.

4. Spruce up that CV. Berry says that most CVs are a boring list of achievements. “It’s not a powerful message. You need to sell yourself. Say: ‘this is what I can offer, this is the value you will gain from bringing me on board’.” Winch suggests tailoring your CV to each employer.

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