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Is Your Job Actually Important to Your Restaurant?

Chef Steven Howard| Chef's Blade

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If you want to keep growing and advancing in your industry, you need to be honest with those who have the decision making power over your career. You need to demonstrate your willingness to learn, be able to identify problems, and create solutions that positively affect the bottom line. This makes you important at any level and sets your path for promotion. You need to have the entire restaurant’s goals foremost in your mind and don’t freak out when things don’t immediately go your way. This is going to sound like an old song by the Police, but every step you take, every move you make, they’ll be watching you.

And remember, the owner has responsibilities too! What they watch most is their money! Great owners understand it’s their people that make that money for them. They need to provide the environment that encourages success and promotion. If they have enough good promotable people who’ve helped them make money, they’ll open another restaurant with those people to give them new challenges and as a result, make themselves more money.

As long as your current employers are truthful and helpful to get you moving toward your goals, you may need to learn a little patience and wait (a reasonable period) for your opportunity to come. These types of owners and supervisors are gold and will teach you how to succeed. Don’t rush to judgment, believe me, I know from personal experience, it can always be worse! However, the second your owner or supervisor doesn’t want to help and puts all operational shortcomings on you without any instruction or mentoring, is the second you want to look elsewhere to further your career.


Featured Author: Chef Steven Howard

Chef Steven Howard is the Owner and Directing Executive Chef/Consultant of Consult the Chef, A Restaurant, Bar and Catering Consulting Company. During his 35 year career, he has held virtually every position in the culinary industry.

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