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Is Your Job Actually Important to Your Restaurant?

Chef Steven Howard| Chef's Blade

Every job in the restaurant is important, no matter how small!

I’ve spoken to many restaurant professionals over the years, who believe they are in a worthless job with no future. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth; the only person in the restaurant with nowhere to grow is the owner!

If someone feels this way about their job, it’s usually because their supervisor has done a horrible job of educating, motivating, and rewarding their employees. Sometimes, however, it’s because the employee has no idea how their job specifically relates to the bottom line of the restaurant.

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Featured Author: Chef Steven Howard

Chef Steven Howard is the Owner and Directing Executive Chef/Consultant of Consult the Chef, A Restaurant, Bar and Catering Consulting Company. During his 35 year career, he has held virtually every position in the culinary industry.