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10 Game Changing Female Chefs

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

Paula Deen

Butter! Butter! Butter! This Food Network star was famous even before her kindly face was on the TV. Deen, with her sons Jaime and Bobby, owns and has operated the restaurant Lady & Sons in Savannah, GA for years. The family serves traditional southern fare and, not surprisingly, is a perennial favorite with Southerners. In 1999, USA Today named Lady & Sons “International Meal of the Year”.

But it wasn’t always accolades and deep fried Twinkies for Paula Deen. Both her parents died before she was 19. To make matters worse, her early marriage ended in divorce and left her with a severe case of agoraphobia. Throughout that difficult time, however, she remained a proficient Southern cook, which eventually lead her to a great career and the celebrity status she enjoys today.

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