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4 Career Lessons from American Olympians

Adam Starr | Chef's Blade

Shaun White: Be Fearless, Be Driven

As famous for his skateboarding as he is for his snowboarding, Shaun White has already achieved gold medals in back-to-back Olympics.

Not content just to be better than everyone else, he constantly challenges himself. He pushes beyond what he—and everyone else—thinks is possible. And while the results speak for themselves, it’s important to remember that he—like the rest of us—doesn’t always land on his feet.

White is so successful because he doesn’t allow fear of failure to stop him from trying new things or pushing himself out of his comfort zone. When White suffers a devastating wipeout, he doesn’t shy away from ledge. Instead he goes harder, bigger, and faster.

Your career will have its ups and downs, but the downs can be shorter and the ups more meaningful if you charge into the unknown with confidence.

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