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Associates in Culinary Arts

Associates in Culinary Arts

Offered through most culinary schools, this two year degree is a shortened version of the bachelors. Associate culinary graduates will have a strong understanding everything culinary from international cuisine to menu development. Like the bachelors in culinary arts, associate graduates will also have an internship under their belts.

Prepare for success in the culinary and hospitality industry with an Associates in Culinary Arts. With this degree, you will develop the essential culinary skills, learn the basics of menu develop and food safety, and will grain hand-on experience in the kitchen. An Associates in Culinary Arts is a stepping stone to a Bachelors in Culinary Arts, where you will learn a lot more about the business as well as management of running a kitchen and a restaurant.

Potential Careers:

Sous Chef Personal Chef Chef de Cuisine

Salary Range:

$65,000 – $70,000