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Bachelors in Culinary Arts

Bachelors in Culinary Arts

The main degree offered by culinary schools, a bachelors in culinary arts will prepare you for any job in the culinary industry. Students will learn about every aspect of the culinary industry, from food safety and restaurant management to how to make cheese and sausage. In addition, most programs include an internship, where you will receive on the job training.

To be a success in the increasingly complex and constantly evolving culinary industry, you must be a skilled chef, a perceptive leader, and a savvy businessperson. In a culinary arts bachelor’s program, you will develop skills in classic and contemporary cooking methods, learn about menu development and food safety, and gain leadership skills in the kitchen. In comparison with an Associates in Culinary Arts, over a twenty year period, culinary professionals with a Bachelors in Culinary Arts earn over twice as much culinary professionals with only an Associates in Culinary Arts.

Potential Careers:

Executive Chef
Chef de Cuisine
Restaurant Owner/Head Chef

Salary Range:

$35,000 – $63,000