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10 Best and Worst Bosses: Which One Are You?

Jeff Hindenach | Chef's Blade

Worst: The Ghost

You never see The Ghost, but their presence is everywhere in the kitchen. The Ghost seems to have an infinite amount of vacation time. But when the cat is away, the mice can’t play. The Ghost will haunt the kitchen through phone calls — who makes call to a kitchen? — making sure everyone has plenty to do in his or her absence.

The problem: It’s hard to know if you’re cooking dishes properly when your boss isn’t there to answer questions. Can’t decide the best way to dice those tomatoes? Better figure it out. Have a personal issue with a coworker? Take it up with them. Need something signed or approved? Better hope they are near a phone or fax machine. By constantly being out of the kitchen, The Ghost can accomplish their tasks — promoting their restaurant — without the nuisance of actually having to manage their team. Your hope is that The Ghost will actually hire that chef de cuisine s/he has been talking about for the last six months…

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