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STEP 5: Become Indispensable

STEP 5: Become Indispensable

Chef's Blade

Congratulations! You’ve gotten the job. Now you need to prove they can’t live without you. That involves embracing your job description and then going above and beyond it. Every chef must embody the following qualities:

• *Be Trustworthy*: You know your bosses and your organization better than anyone. The people you work with and support need the comfort of knowing they can trust you with their valuable information. Keep sensitive information to yourself.

• *Improvise*: Work as hard as you can to accomplish every goal and when you hit a wall think on your feet.

• *Anticipate Your Bosses’ Needs*: Don’t just do what they ask, do what they don’t think to ask. Plan one step ahead and you’ll never be a step behind.

Take Initiative to Learn: Take in all you can from every employee so that you can step in when needed. Is the pastry chef sick? Good thing you paid attention when he was preparing the menu. Is the bar manager on vacation? No worries, you learned how to to order the missing supplies. By stepping into various roles, you’ll become invaluable.

• *Look for What Needs To Be Done and Do It*: EVOO supply running low? Replace it. Recycling overflowing? This will make your workplace much more pleasant. Don’t worry too much about getting recognition for these little things as people tend to notice what’s wrong instead of what’s right. Your next vacation day, people will see why the kitchen is in disarray without you!

• *Be on Time*: “If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late. And if you’re late, you’re fired!” This is a common expression in the world of theater, but it applies to the culinary industry, too. A sure way to get fired is to show up late for work.

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