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STEP 4: Look for Chef Jobs and Apply

STEP 4: Look for Chef Jobs and Apply

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The Chef Job Search

Outlined below are some pointers to keep in mind when performing your job search. Read more on specific issues by going to the highlighted articles:

• *Choose your words carefully*: Don’t limit yourself to just “Chef" or “Cook.” Try “Pastry Chef," “Chef Asisstant,” "Head Chef, “Organic Cook” or any combination of keywords to be sure you scan all available opportunities and niche specializations.
• *Consider the commute*: Are you looking to walk or bike to work? Take public transportation? Or can you travel by car? Would it be worth it to take a position that pays more but you have to drive in rush hour every day? Think about your day-to-day obligations, and if geography plays a part.
• *Weigh the work environment*: Do you want to be in a more intimate kitchen or a large one? Would you rather work with people who value organic cooking or does it not matter to you? Be sure to be open-minded but don’t get stuck wasting your time if you know a workplace is not right for you
• *Job search safely*: Watch out for supposed job offers that are just trying to get your personal information to steal your identity. Be leery, too, of apprenticeships that don’t pay what you consider a fair wage or overtime.
• *Network, network, network*: Ask friends and family if they know of any administrative job openings in offices, or know anyone who works in one. Get in touch with any contacts you come across, let them know the connection, and request to send your resume to them personally rather than through an HR department, where you could be overlooked in a pile of applications.
• *Use the right search tools*: Rather than Googling “Culinary Jobs” use a job search engine like ours where employers have posted available positions, which will produce more reliable, legitimate, and easy-to-sort results.