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10 Professional Food Styling Tricks

Kim Kissling | Chef's Blade

5. FAKE ICE: There are many manufacturers that make fake ice cubes and sometimes the ice cubes can be extremely expensive and look very real. There are also products available to use for frozen drinks. These products are made of granulated gel that absorb whatever liquid you put them in taking on the color of the liquid and creating an icy, cold looking drink.

6. STORING FOOD: Most foods should be refrigerated but if they are not put in the refrigerator properly then there is the potential that they will wilt, turn brown or spoil. Herbs are the perfect example. When you buy fresh herbs you should cut the bottoms off, as you would with fresh flowers, put them in fresh water, cover the top of the herbs with a plastic bag. Then store on a middle shelf close to the front of the refrigerator to be sure that the herbs do not freeze. Other fresh vegetables should be stored in plastic bags in vegetable drawers in the refrigerator. Lettuce or greens should be wrapped in damp paper towels and put in a plastic bag and stored in a drawer as well.