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10 Professional Food Styling Tricks

Kim Kissling | Chef's Blade

3. HOT FOOD ON SET: In order to keep hot food “alive on set” it must maintain a just-cooked-look and the way to do that is to simply brush with vegetable oil or spray with water before shooting.

4. COLD FOOD ON SET: Again, in order to keep cold food “alive” it must look cold. For example, make sure that a glass of iced tea has condensation on the outside of the glass. A lot of the time we use fake ice cubes so the liquid is never actually cold and to make the glass have condensation, spray the glass with dulling spray and spritz the outside of the glass with a mixture of water and glycerin. Dulling spray gives the illusion of the glass being frosted and the water and glycerin form droplets on the glass that makes it look like it’s sweating, hence, creating a glass that looks cold.