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10 Professional Food Styling Tricks

Kim Kissling | Chef's Blade

There’s lots to know about about how to style food, but here are a few food styling tricks. Enjoy!

1. BUYING FOOD: The first and most important thing to always remember is to buy the most beautiful and fresh food. I sometimes have to go through each piece of fruit or vegetable to find the best looking pieces. I’ve had many people in the produce section give me some pretty funny looks as I pick up each and every piece and turn it to look at each side to make sure that it is perfect.

2. COOKING: Never overcook the food. Most of the time it’s best to undercook the food. For example, when making vegetables such as green beans or asparagus, briefly blanching the vegetables in boiling water for just a few minutes and then shocking them in an ice bath will keep the bright natural color as well as keep it looking fresh but cooked.