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7 Reasons Opening a Restaurant Should Scare You

Chef Steven Howard | Chef's Blade

Have you always dreamed of opening a restaurant?

So you’ve got the bug. You just can’t help but get up everyday and cook for someone and then serve it to them. All right, all right…but don’t say I didn’t warn you: Starting a restaurant ain’t easy! Every actor must play Broadway, every Opera Singer must play the Met, and you…you have to open a restaurant. Pull up your shorts pilgrim ’cause it takes guts the size of an American Cowboy Hero to pull this off, even if you’re a fancy gal!

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the initial planning process of opening restaurant, which is a pretty detail oriented process — after you read this, you may decide to go into an insurance career or even worse…fast food!

I’ve met with many chefs and cooks who love what they do in the kitchen, but they want to be the one calling the shots for their restaurant. The unfortunate news is, the food is only about 20% of the restaurant success equation. Yes, the food needs to be fabulous. But, you must remember, restaurants are businesses first and foremost and food is merely the product for sale. You need to know how to run a business first, before you start slingin’ hash all over town and invitin’ the locals to tie on the feedbag!

So here is a model of business steps you should go through determine whether you should take this risk of going to the poor house for chasing your dream, or not.

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