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6 Things Culinary School Won't Teach You

Andrew Garrison | Chef's Blade

Culinary School won’t teach you everything…

I believe there are a few things culinary school either doesn’t tell you or misleads you to believe (whether intentionally or otherwise).

Ignore, for a moment, my pomposity and consider these points, which I consider to be rather serious. Some students, or prospective students, may already know this if they have had any experience in a restaurant, but to those that don’t, I hope I can provide a service. I would never discourage anyone from going to culinary school, if that is where their passions lead them, but make sure you know what you’re getting in to.

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Featured Author: Andrew Garrison
Andrew Garrison is the Sous Chef at Stout’s Island Lodge in Birchwood, WI and The Commodore in St. Paul, MN; he recently graduated from culinary school in December 2008 and has a lot to say about the transition to the work place. In the kitchen, he works primarily with local/seasonal food, prepared using classical French technique, though he occasionally delves into the more mainstream applications of molecular gastronomy (spherification, powders, foams, suspensions) as a means of accenting a dish without overpowering it. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s out exploring restaurants and dive bars, going to concerts, playing guitar, reading, but mostly sleeping. He also blogs at Plays with Knives.

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