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12 Networking Tips for Culinary Conventions

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

Control Sample Portion Size

At culinary conventions, the food is always amazing and always abundant. Every chefs wants their food to be sampled and, with so many chefs at a convention, that’s a lot of samples! Quite frankly, one of the worst things a chef can do at these conventions is give out too large a portion; it’s intimidating and people often won’t finish it.

A small, but very memorable bite, will be most effective at getting visitors to remember your cooking and want to visit your restaurant. Also, conference visitors will often be carrying a glass for wine and the last thing they need to have to also carry is a utensil and plate for the food the they are also trying to carry; that’s three hands! As a chef, try making something that is one bite large, like a small taste of soup or a spoon full your dish. You want to be known as the most amazing bite someone has had all day, not the chef whose food you had to throw the majority of out.

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