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Is Restaurant Management Your Next Step?

Is Restaurant Management Your Next Step?

Matt Krumrie | Monster Contributing Writer

Whenever Jerry Westrom interviews a potential management candidate, he talks about all the negatives surrounding the position before going into greater detail about the positives.

“I need to know their heart is in it, that they are truly committed,” says Westrom, who owns an Ember’s Restaurant in Cambridge, Minnesota. "If they seem skeptical about anything, I don’t know if they will make it.

What Are the Negatives?

“Being a restaurant manager is a lifestyle, not a job,” says Westrom. "If [managers] are going to succeed, they will put in 50 to 80 hours per week with high stress levels at times. But once you get everything going, it can be a fun career with very good pay.

Westrom suggests potential candidates consider the following:

-What type of restaurant business are you going into? There is a big difference between fine dining, family style, fast food and a sports bar or restaurant atmosphere. These restaurants attract different employees. A fine dining establishment might draw more experienced, mature employees, while a fast food restaurant or sports bar might interest younger ones.
-Do you want to be a floor manager, a back-of-the-house manager or a general manager? Each of these positions requires different skills.
-When pursuing jobs, ask potential employers how long they have been in business, where they see the business growing, what opportunities exist for advancement and what type of manager-training programs they have.

“If someone wants a career in this field, try getting in with a franchise for training and a stable income,” advises Westrom. "After three to five years, you can look at a privately held restaurant where you can go in as a general manager and demand a pay of $60,000-plus for your expertise or partnership.

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