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    Become a Personal Chef: The Industry’s Highest Paying Job

    Personal chefs work directly with their clients to decide on meals. Maybe you’ve been working as a restaurant chef for years but that final promotion to executive chef still eludes you. Or maybe you’re tired of working under someone and want to break out on your own, but you’re intimidated by starting a restaurant. Or maybe still, you’re just tired ...
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    Bachelors in Culinary Arts

    Bachelors in Culinary Arts
    [widget:354] The main degree offered by culinary schools, a bachelors in culinary arts will prepare you for any job in the culinary industry. Students will learn about every aspect of the culinary industry, from food safety and restaurant management to how to make cheese and sausage. In addition, most programs include an internship, where you will receive on the job training. ...
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    7 Reasons Opening a Restaurant Should Scare You

    Have you always dreamed of opening a restaurant? So you’ve got the bug. You just can’t help but get up everyday and cook for someone and then serve it to them. All right, all right…but don’t say I didn’t warn you: Starting a restaurant ain't easy! Every actor must play Broadway, every Opera Singer must play the Met, and you…you ...
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    An Introduction to Food Styling

    An Introduction to Food Styling
    I have been in the Food Styling business since 1995 after graduating from Tante Marie’s Cooking School in San Francisco; 6 months earlier, I had decided to change careers, leaving corporate America to pursue my passion for food. When I started cooking school I had never heard of food styling as a career, but the first time someone told me about ...
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    Guide to Culinary Careers Outside the Kitchen

    Guide to Culinary Careers Outside the Kitchen
    In addition to the kitchen and dining room positions, a growing number of less traditional opportunities exist, many of which do not involve the actual production or service of foods. Food and beverage managers oversee all food and beverage outlets in hotels and other large establishments. Consultants and design specialists will work with restaurant owners, often before the restaurant is even ...
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    Career Opportunities for Culinary Professionals

    Career Opportunities for Culinary Professionals
    Culinary professionals are needed not just in hotel dining facilities and traditional restaurants but in a variety of settings—public and private, consumer-oriented and institutional. An increased emphasis on nutrition, sophistication, and financial and quality control means that all settings, from the white-tablecloth restaurant to the fast-food outlet, offer interesting challenges. [widget:355] Hotels often have a number of different dining facilities, including ...
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